We offer a variety of sensual movement classes off the pole. Build confidence, reduce stress, and maybe burn a few calories. We believe sensual dance class is the ultimate self-care. These classes are typically 50 minutes and are open to all levels unless otherwise noted.

SATIN: Chair Dance – Use your chair as a sexy prop in this class. You’ll see why this choreography-based dance class is so popular! Learn sensual movements, reduce your stress, AND get full body workout. Suitable for all levels – no dance or fitness experience is required.

VELVET: Floor – Maneuver the floor like a floor fcukery gawd/gawdess! This sequence-based class will offer you a chance to build confidence, reduce stress and burn calories! Increase flexibility and core strength through floorwork dance moves.

Sexify RAW – Part of the Sensuality University brand, this class challenges your body in a delicious way. This class is typically done to one song so you can really get the choreography and musicality. Open to all levels, no prior dance experience required.

VELOUR: Sensual Yoga – An embodied yoga practice rooted in sensory play, intuitive movement, body awareness, reflection, tantrism, breath, and pleasure. Our Sensual Yoga experience is an invitation to come home to yourself, honor your cyclical nature, reclaim full autonomy over your body, increase sensory awareness, and tune into your own body wisdom. The goal of Sensual Yoga is to help individuals connect with their bodies in a more profound way, leading to improved physical, sexual, emotional, and mental health.

Trap Floor – If our Trap Pole class had a baby with our VELVET: Floor class, it would be this fierce and fun 50-minute class. Designed for the dancer that wants to add a little trap edge to their floorwork. This choreography-based class is set to hip-hop music from start to finish. Please note, there is no pole in this class. Knee pads/legwarmers/thigh high socks are required. Not suitable for beginners. – students taking this class must be able to execute shoulder rolls (forward/backward) with ease.

Twerkout – Take cardio to the next level in this intense and invigorating class. Torch calories and have fun while you twerk-out to hip-hop and r&b sounds. No dance or twerk experience required! Class is suitable for beginners and all fitness levels. Knee pads are required.