Self Care is NOT Selfish.

Can I speak honestly for just a moment?

There’s a lot of guilt and shame that gets piled on when someone talks about prioritizing their version of “self care.”

But, why? Why do some find it frivolous or unnecessary to practice self care? Why is prioritizing our own health a bad thing?

Can I offer a controversial opinion? And it’s just that, an opinion.

The same folks that are telling you that you don’t need that __________ (I’ll let you fill in the blank there) are the same folks that have been told the same thing and are in need of their own self care practice.

Self-care is essential for maintaining your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Taking care of yourself gives you a chance to recharge your batteries and manage your stress.

Can I offer another controversial opinion? You do not have to earn your self care. It’s yours to practice.

You already know all the benefits of a self care practice. But in case you need a reminder:

Physical, Mental and Emotional Health: By taking care of your own health needs, you’re better able to support others. You’ve heard this on the plane — put your mask on first.

Setting Boundaries: Part of honoring your self care practice inherently involves setting boundaries to protect your time, energy, and emotional resources. It’s okay to say “nah” or “after I’m done.”

Paying it Forward: When you prioritize your own self care practice, you are able to show up more fully in your relationships. At work, at school, in your relationships, with your kids, in your friendships… You have more energy, patience, and empathy to offer others because your cup is full. PLUS! When you prioritize your self care, you’re setting an example to those around to pursue their own self care practice. It’s a win-win, to be honest.

I know that you already know all the things you can do to practice self care. But if you need ideas, I’d like to offer Silk Studio as a place to start. (Silk Studio has sensual movement classes on and off the pole for both beginners and dancers with a little more experience.)

So here’s your invitation to drop the shame and guilt. You don’t have to earn the self care.

I’ll see you at the studio?

xxoo, Nikki